4 Essential Daily Habits of a Happier Mom


Growing up I was the kind of girl, always playing with my dolls, sewing dresses ( ‘stealing’ all my grandma’s buttons) and dreaming about what motherhood would look like. Imagine my surprise when I found out real babies are not like dolls – they rarely do what you want them to, demand undivided attention and fuss over things that do not seem reasonable.

My auntie used to say – Motherhood inevitably changes you. It is up to you to decide who you become:  the ‘’screaming complainer’’ or the ‘’loving, caring mom’’ who goes through life’s complexities with a smile. And that stuck with me.

We all have challenging days, no matter what our life situation and circumstances are. However, I have found out that if I stick to the basic rules (below), my days are more joyous and productive.

Get enough Sleep

Easier said than done, but absolutely essential. I remember reading articles about sleep deprivation while I was pregnant with D. Back then, it all seemed so dramatic and over-exaggerated. Then, I was faced with the never-ending reality of fussy, crying baby for the 1st year of D.’s life. At first, I would say ‘’I’ll sleep later’’, or ‘’I’ll just make that cake and then will go to bed’’.  Now I know better – my body is my temple – if I want it to serve me well, I need to give it proper love first.  

Mom’s Essentials: A comfortable sleeping pillows (US) is a good start / Beautiful, soft bedding is the second step – I personally enjoy the quality bedding from JYSK or IKEA.

Get Ready for the day

Whether that is putting some make-up on, or fixing that crazy hair, I make sure to put the effort of ‘’visual’ self-care. After all, I want to like the girl in the mirror. My idea of a put-together look might be drastically different from yours. As long as we remember to dress for ourselves and to our own beauty standards, the lady in the mirror will love us back.

Mom’s essentials: A good mascara to make my eyes pop ( one’ I’ve been loving lately), a feminine top (blue stripes are a good classic choice or a mustard top to go (on SALE Now) with these Nordstrom leather loafers – coming in many colors ) and last but not least – the Jeans (Mango have long lasting options like these  , or on budget option is Everything5pounds , if they ship to your country).

Be present

The bear truth is – the only moment we own is the ‘’right-here-right-now’’. The past is already gone, the future in unknown. Whenever I catch an unflattering thought (that drags me back or puts worry on my mind for upcoming events), I gently guide it to the exit of my mind and say ‘’Bye, bye’’.

Mom’s essentials: if you are new to mindfulness I’d recommend the Minfulness for Dummies book. A wonderful read for those who want to understand and start living more mindfully.

Smile Often

Our smile is the most beautiful accessory of all (excluding our babies of course).  It opens all sorts of doors for us (at work or at home). The most striking part is – smiling comes free – no extra charges, no hidden clauses. We only need to remember that life is beautiful (and the messy sometimes isn’t that bad).

Moms’ essentials: Everyone needs to put pink glasses every once in a while. And for a confident smile (with less harsh chemicals) – a teeth whitening powder . I’ve been using this one for the past several months and I am pleased with the results.

And Remember:  Attitudes, repeated long enough become habits. 

Little Note:

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