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My oldest son, sometimes calls me Ana 🙂

I live in the eastern parts of Europe with my husband and our two cheeky boys.  Although my background is Law and Contracts, my heart goes to all things Food & Healthy Living. So, the majority of my free time is spent in the kitchen or hiking with family somewhere green.

Our hosehold combines French, Russian and Bulgarian herigate, so you would definitely see that reflected in my recipes. 

about shine little house

Shine Little House had many faces throughout the years.

At first it was a place where I shared recipes with friends and family while living away from home. Then however, law school and early career kicked in and my hobby got set aside for a few years.

When my 1st baby was born I felt the need to share my creations again. It was (and still is) a  place where I can get my mind active & creative. 

On another note, I’ve noticed many non-Europeans only know a few key Recipes (like the French coq au vin per se) and many smaller, regional recipes do not get the spotlight they deserve. So, it was only fair that they found a home here, on my blog. 

Best Roasted Cauliflower Rosemary soup - no cream, with coconut milk

If you feel like it, stick around –  here, you will find some really good recipes from different European countries & regions (and beyond) that you have never seen before. 


German Potato Pancakes Recipe - kartoffenpuffer - authentic german christmas market recipes and food

I love sharing traditional recipes from accross Europe – recipes that were enjoyed generation after generation for centuries. Here, you will find tasty classics that are both national treasures (like our Russian Pancakes), or small regional ones from all accross Europe (like our Greek Yogurt Pancakes that are an old recipe from Rodopa Region in Bulgaria. 

That being said, I sometimes add my twists and takes on traditional meals (i  just cannot help myself and experiment). 

Alongside centiry-old recipes, here you will find my ‘modern’ take on various meals.  I enjoy combining new ingredients, experimenting and adding my own twists to a recipe (see our Crunchy Feta Cheese Croutons). My cooking is inspired by seasonal produce  and what I already have at home. I also try to keep cooking simple and kid-friendly (after all I’ve got 2 boys under 5 in the house). We, as a family, definitely fancy a Mediterranean approach to food, so those recipes also find a home here. 

That being said, Shine Little House is above all a place where I share all the good food our family enjoys on day-to-day basis. What you see here, we eat at home. Most recipes do carry an European zest, but we really love tasting new cuisines, so that’s also reflected here (if I manage to take a snap before it gets eaten). 

P.S. You’ve probably noticed that I’m not a native, so please excuse any mistakes or typos I might have made.


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