Christmas Market | Weihnachtsmarkt | Marché de Noël


’Herzlich Willkommen, Herzlich Willkommen’’ yelled a funny- dressed chubby clown, sitting on the edge of the Christmassy stage. His unbelievable accent and funny clothes were apparently not appealing to the people who rambled around the wooden chalets, wondering which sausage is worth their hungry attention.


One thing is certain, whatever language you say it in, the ‘’Marché de Noël ‘’ remains one of the most festive and gorgeous event of the Holiday season throughout Europe.


A few months ago we were debating if a quick trip to the Christmas Market in Vienna or Basel is a feasible (and reasonable) winter vacation destination with a 2 year old.  After all, we decided to put aside our wanderlust for a while and plunge into a quiet and relaxed holiday break. Turns out, our work schedules are a good excuse to just be lazy.


The last time we went to the local ‘’ Weihnachtsmarkt’’, we saw a few of Santa’s helpers (the Elves) – singing and dancing on the crispy December day. An unforgettable scene for a two year old little guy as you can imagine. Ever since, he’s been asking to go and see the Elves again. Much to his surprise Elves were probably asleep (around 11.30 a.m.), so a funny clown was there to replace him.


We stayed and watched until A.’s shoulders stated to hurt (toddlers are heavy creatures, who would have guessed). With a lot of talking in (and a promise to come back again next weekend), we managed to get David in the car and drove home.

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