Easy French Crepes (Authentic Recipe)

Authentic French crepes recipe that requires only 3 ingredients and is exceptionally easy to make. They are soft and thin, perfectly sized and go well with honey,marmalade, chocolate and even feta cheese


Gather around pancake lovers – it’s time we whisk something insanely delicious. You guessed right – its French Crepes time! And guess what, I have just the treat for you – one authentic French crepes recipe – straight from my French mother-in-law’s Recipe Notebook. 

Fun fact: the French crepes recipe can be easily renamed ‘’European pancakes’’. My mom isn’t French, but she used to make the same exact recipe as my French mother-in-law. So, you decide how you are going to call them – in my view ‘’the Best Crepes Ever’’ is accurate description (confession of one shameless ‘’crepes-addict’’).

Easy and Authentic French Crepes


The secret to making the perfect French Crepes is the batter liquidity. It’s recommended to aim at ‘’liquid-y runny honey’’ batter – one that is neither too liquid-y nor too thick. I tend to use cow’s milk with around 2% fat. Good thing to remember is that if you use whole milk (which has around 3.5% fat content) the batter becomes thicker, so you’ll need to add some more water to thin it. Generally, the thinner the batter, the crispier crepes will be.

Another thing to consider is the flour you choose. Always recommend using finely milled flour as opposed to ‘crunchier’ ones. I’ve even made this recipe with one cup white all-purpose flour and one cup spelt flour (finely grinded) and they still turn amazing!).

The third and last thing to consider is how long you keep crepes in the pan before flipping over – once crepe’s edges start to separate from the pan – it’s time you flip that sweet pancake over! Otherwise, they might turn crisp and break easier. 


These simple and delicious French Crepes are perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch (oops, just kidding) or anytime-during-the-day snack. We usually have them for breakfast with:

  • Organic Honey
  • Feta cheese ( make feta cheese fine crumbs with your fingers and put on pancake, then roll & eat)
  • Marmalade
  • Homemade Nutella ( Honey + Hazelnut Tahini + Raw cacao)

Gosh, I am making myself hungry!  

My mother-in-law even makes savory crepes cake with olives and all sorts of savory goodies – but that’s a story for another time. Let’s go back to dessert.


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Easy French Crepes (Authentic Recipe)

French crepes recipe that requires only 3 ingredients and is exceptionally easy to make. They are soft and thin, perfectly sized and go well with honey,
marmalade, chocolate and even feta cheese.

CourseBreakfast, Brunch
CuisineEuropean, French
Cook Time 20 minutes
Servings 16 crepes


  • 2 cups cow’s milk
  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 2 eggs, medium
  • 1 tbsp water, or milk
  • 1 tsp vegetable oil for greasing the pan


  • In a large mixing bowl combine eggs, flour, (water) and milk and mix until no lumps are visible ( I use high-speed hand mixer). The batter should be the consistency of liquid-y runny honey.
  • Preheat your pancake pan (or any other non-stick pan) – it should be extra hot. Then pour 2/3 of regular ladle with pancake batter onto the pan. Quickly distribute the batter to cover the whole pancake pan surface.
  • Once pancake edges starts to separate from pan, gently flip over with wooden spatula of choice.
  • Once crepes are cooked on both sides, place on plate one crepe over the other. To make them extra soft and tasty cover the plate with another same-size plate and leave for 10 min to cool down.
  • Enjoy with a favorite topping.
  • Tip: to avoid pancakes from burning gently grease the pancake pan with vegetable oil, by using cooking brush or cotton pad. I do that after every 3rd /4th pancake.

Recipe Notes

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For more details on how to make the perfect French Crepes + ideas for Toppings, please head over recipe.

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