Family Travel: Best places to visit in Bucharest (Romania) with Kids


Trip Highlights

Currency: Although Romania is part of the European Union (not part of the Eurozone), it still uses its own currency called: Lei.

Getting around: As distances between sights require longer commutes (via Metro or just walking) make sure you are equipped with proper vehicle for younger children. A compact stroller (like our Britax Holiday Buggy (DE), or like Graco Jetsetter (US)) will come in handy.

Accommodation: Staying in the city center gives you the advantage of being in close proximity to public transport, local restaurants, parks and other tourist venues. For families, Airbnb  has excellent apartments near old town at a very reasonable price.

Best Places to Visit with Kids (Bucharest)


Old town, Bucharest / Centru Vechi

Some call it the small Paris. The truth is it has the typical face of any European city look – narrow streets with buzzing coffees and shops all around. It’s a perfect place to grab lunch or dinner as the variety of food offerings can satisfy everyone’s hungry gut.



Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History – Website

Metro station: Piata Victoriei

Another great location (indoors) for families is the Museum of Natural history.

It offers unique exhibits that will keep you and your little ones occupied for a few hours. In particular, you can expect interactive displays, 3D films and artificial caves. Not to mention the cool dinosaur skeletons.


  • As kids tend to spend a good chunk of time looking at animals/dinosaurs, a good idea is to carry a snack & water bottle with you.
  • The museum occupies several floors of the building, so keep in mind the numerous staircases you’ll have to climb.

Village Museum –  Website

Metro Station: Aviatorilor

Another wonderful outdoor destination for a family stroll is the Village Museum. There are more than 60 original houses, villages, windmills and watermills that represent Romania’s historic regions. Its location (near  the city center via Metro) makes it particularly attractive for families.


  • During summertime, you can even meet birds and cats wandering around the Village on their own (#free-range).
  • If your kids (or yourself) get tired, take a sip of water/juice at the local coffee shop – it’s located within the Museum, right next to a ten house full of chickens.

Happy Travels!

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