How our household reduces food waste (and saves money). Simple ideas for mindful families.


Most people do not even realize how much food they throw away every single week. According to the official numbers around 88 million tonnes of food waste are generated annually just in the European Union alone. And that is a large number.

My grandma used to say ‘’There are many hungry people on this world’’. She is the kind of person who every year used to give away food to neighbors, orphanages and homeless people. And I was her 1st helper in all donation ‘’campaigns’’. Now I realize how through example (and funny stories) she has shaped my views on life.

So, when I think about it – throwing food away does not make much sense. One – because why throw away when you can feed a hungry soul. Two because if you think about the $ aspect of it – throwing food away is like tossing money in the rubbish bin – just in a different form.

Up to this day the taught I have to throw something (read fruits, veggies, meat, ect.) annoys me a bit. Thankfully, my husband is on the same page about waste (and so many other things, thank Goodness). We’ve made a pact to reduce our food waste to a minimum.

Here is how we do it – in 3 simple steps (it works 99 % of the time):


  • We plan our grocery shopping on a weekly basis

Planning your grocery shopping can be a huge time and money savor.  And it’s not that hard too. Just makesure you have only one place where you write down your shopping list. I particularly enjoy the ”Out of Milk” app for Android.

  • When we notice something is about to spoil soon –we freeze it.

Sometimes, even grocery shopping plans cannot fully save me from over-buying/poor plan execution. Especially when we have family staying with us I cannot always estimate the exact amounts of food I need for the week. Thank goodness for the freezer – you can freeze almost everything these days.

  • If we overbought something that spoils easily we give it away

I remember my grandma even used to go and buy fresh food to homeless people on the street when they begged for a penny. She used to say ‘I cannot give you much money, but I can buy you something to eat’).

I am a huge believer that if every member of society makes an effort in his own home – wasted food won’t be an issue. Share your thoughts in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

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