Miami in Winter. So, have you ever been to Florida


We live in a part of Europe where we enjoy all 4 seasons in full force. When the Home alone 2 kicked in ( a while back, hehe), the idea of a tropical Christmas vacation seemed a bit odd. Why would you want to escape the beauty of winter and head to the beach? Now, 20+ years later, I kind of understand.


Wander around the warm beaches of Miami on a Christmas/ New Year’s Day – perfect tropical family vacation, well I guess not for the McCallister’s in 92 (Home alone vibes). 


Ocean Drive – luxury and lights away from the sea, presents a variety of restaurants and places to eat & drink.


IDEAS: What to do in Miami 

  1. Go to the beach and enjoy the sun rising above the warm & loving morning waters.
  2. Walk around the famous Ocean Drive and enjoy the lights and tropical trees.
  3. Visit the Miami Zoo
  4. Go to Jungle Island
  5. Want more ideas (external links):

So, have you ever been to Miami? What was your favorite place? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section or on social media below.

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