Perfect Corn on Cob (Stove Top)

How to make the perfect easy (one pot) stove top corn on cob? It’s tender, perfectly boiled and extra delicious. Best enjoyed as side to (grilled) meats/fish or as simple afternoon snack (for kids). And it only requires 2 ingredients. Ideas on how to pick up the perfect corn ears included.

Perfect Corn on Cob Recipe (Stove Top)

Corn on the Cob = the perfect manifestation of long sweet summer days (hands up if you agree).

Every time I cook corn on cob (which is almost every week from the day 1st corn ears appear on the market) I get reminded of the care-free summer days I spent with my grandma on her little farm house.  I used to stay up (super) late with neighbor’s kids, happily munching freshly boiled corn on the flat roof terrace. Once our tummies were full, we used to count the zillion stars and loudly debate it’s too early to go to bed (at 11.30 p.m.). 

Perfect Corn on Cob Recipe (Stove Top)
Perfect Corn on Cob Recipe (Stove Top)
how to make corn on cob on stove top


Generally, there are 2 ways to check if the ear corns are full of milky, lively & tasty kernels.

  1. Peeking: gently peel down a little bit of the husk and check for bright, plump kernels. Some people might even prefer to pop one or two kernels with their finger to see if the ear is milky enough.
  2. No –peeking: one way to tell if the corn ear is good is to try and feel the kernels through the husk. Another method to consider is looking at the color of the husk – if it’s bright green, tightly wrapped around the cob and fresh-looking then you are in for a treat.

Lastly, if you prefer the ‘’no-peeking’’ method, it’s probably wise to pick the heaviest and largest ears in the basket (just saying).


My mom always says ‘’the water from boiled corn on cob is good for you. Do not throw it away, just drink it’’ (that goes for organically grown corn). In fact if you do not want to be wasteful you can use the water from boiling corn several different ways:

  • Drink it (once it cools down)
  • Add spices to make vegetable stock and freeze for future use
  • Add meat and veggies to make a tasty, corn-flavorful soup
  • Water your plants (after it cools down)

If you are curious, read more about boiled corn water benefits here (external link).


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Perfect Corn on Cob (Stove Top)

Tasty corn on cob recipe – boiled on stove top – perfect as mid-day snack, healthy
side meal or breakfast. Kids will also love it. Ideas on how to pick up the
perfect corn ears included.

CourseBrunch, Side Dish
Total Time 30 minutes


  • 6 ears corn on the cob, husks and silk removed
  • Cold water for boiling


  • Remove the first layer of husk of each ear ('the dirty one"). Then peel off the remaining husk (it should be green and clean). Cut ears in two if too long.
  • Cover the bottom of a non-stick pan (with lid) with the 'clean' husk (usually requires husk from 2 corn ears). Place corn ears over the husk and cover them with the remaining (clean) husk until completely covered up. Put a ceramic round plate on top to prevent ears from floating in the water while boiling.
  • Then add cold water to cover corn and plate completely. Bring to a boil, then reduce to medium heat and let corn cook until ready (around 20 min on my stove). Check if corn has been cooked with fork by gently lifting up the ceramic plate (be careful to avoid steam burn).
  • Let cook and enjoy with the kid next door.

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Perfect Corn on Cob Recipe with only 2 ingredients

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