Travel with Kids: Best places to visit in Berlin (Germany) with a Family


Berlin, Berlin – dreamy city of mine. The German Capital is one of the most culture-rich destinations you can ever hope to visit. At every corner you face the spirit of modern life, combined with the pounding mark of history.

Although Berlin carries the vibe of a buzzing metropolitan, yet walking around we got a feeling of warmth and home-Inness all around.


Travel Highlights 

Getting around:  If you get the Berlin Welcome Card – it comes with unlimited rides on public transport (U-Bahn, S-Bahn, et.c), child-free travel and many discounts and sights/tours recommendations. Just make sure you travel within the card’s time limits, otherwise you might get fined.

Currency: Euro

Best Places for Children in Berlin


Tierpark Berlin (Website)

Tierpark Berlin is one of the largest park zoos in Europe. There, you can see over

9 000 animals, including elephants and lamas. You can even participate in the feeding process of some of the 4-leg friends. A wonderful way to teach children about the many beautiful faces of nature.

Tip:  As the park is located over 160 hectares, you might want to allocate 4+/6+ hours for your visit.


Zoologisher Garten (Zoo Berlin: website)

The Zoo Berlin is another wonderful option for a family visit. Expect to see Hippos, large cats and penguins.  There is also a Petting Zoo within –sheep, goats and a donkey will welcome your little ones – just make sure they do not eat your snacks, though. Little goats are quite cheeky – can steal your food in a split of a second.

Tip: If you get hungry (and you probably would as the Zoo takes at least a few hours to explore), there is a lovely restaurant-like canteen within the Zoo. Just follow the map, or ….. your nose. 

Both Tierpakr and Zoo were intended as animal parks. The reason behind having two Zoos is purely historical – one for West Berliners and one for East Berliners. Tierpark Berlin is a wonderful place to ride a bike or just explore the way Berliners spend their free time. On the other hand, Zoologischer Garten offers the typical zoo-experience we are accustomed to. There is a difference between the species you can meet in both parks, so make sure you visit their websites before planning your trip


Aquarium Berlin (website)

The aquarium (located right next to the Zoo) offers a magnificent experience for little explorers – from jellyfish through corals and large sharks to lizards, snakes and turtles (top floor). In addition, the panoramic windows offer an existing insight into the wonder-water world.

Tip: If you travel with little ones, keep them close as some areas of the Aquarium are darker due to animal’s needs.  


Botanisher Garten (website)

If your family wants to enjoy a quiet day out surrounded by flowers, marvelous trees and huge cactuses, the Botanical Garden Berlin is the place for you. Here, you can also see how tomatoes and sunflower seeds are grown. A good way of showing our ‘city’ kids fruits and veggies do not grow in the super market.

Tip: If you little ones get hangry – the cozy coffee shop within the Garten will surely save the day.

Happy Travels! 

Little Note:

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