Wild Berry Granola Yogurt Bowl | Or a modern version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Healthy breakfast bowl made with Greek Yogurt and homemade granola. Plus our toddler’s take on the Goldilocks & 3 Bears story. 


Having a toddler means being in fairy-land 24/7 (it’s amazing!). I am fortunate our little guy loves reading books and looking into stories and pictures. Lately, he’s starting to talk more and more. At story time after our evening bath we always tell a story he chooses. Once we start with the story line, he always ads a twist or two (usually food related) and insist we tell it the way he wants it. 

The latest tale he contributed to is Goldilocks and the 3 bears (Amazon). He is fascinated with the little girl, trying the different meals and sitting in the chairs. Hope you like it too. 


And the story goes like this: 

Once upon a time, there was a family of friendly bears – papa bear, mama bear and little cuddly brown baby bear – living in a small wooden house in the forest. On a crisp Sunday morning the bear family decided to go berry picking deep in the woods. Baby bear took his little basket-like bag, put on his blue rain boots and enthusiastically jumped out the door into the family garden. Mama bear and papa bear followed soon after.

When the bear family sunk into the green woods, a little blond girl, named Goldilocks, timidly stepped forward and ran into the wooden house. She was so hungry! A delicious bowl of sweet granola, topped with some plain yogurt and handful of berries was sitting on the table. She grabbed the spoon and yum, yum! Ate it all up. With full tummy, she relaxed and sat on the nearby chair. Her eye lids started to become heavier and heavier. She found herself lying down in the soft warm bed with forest bedding (on baby bear’s bed).


Right before noon, the bear family returned home. When baby bear walked into the kitchen, he exclaimed:

 ‘’Who’s eaten my granola bowl? Who sat in my chair? Who’s sleeping in my bed?

Alarmed by the noise, Goldilocks jumped out of baby bear’s bed ready to run away. ‘Do not be afraid little girl!’, said mama bear. What are you doing here?, asked papa bear lovingly. ‘ I was having picnic with my family last night and saw some sweet wild strawberries. I followed the path and soon after I got lost’. The bears smiled.

As it was time for lunch, papa bear warmed up some soup and offered fresh wild berries for dessert.  Afterwards, the bear family showed Goldilocks the way out of the woods, helping her to get home safely.


  1. Running from home / exploring on your own/  may bring harm, hardship or distress to family and you.
  2. Help a friend in need by offering a meal, a listener’s ear or appropriate assistance. 


Wild Berry Granola Bowl

Simple and healthy, this wild berry bowl with plain yogurt and homemade granola is an ideal breakfast or snack even little ones may enjoy. 
CuisineAmerican, European
Total Time 7 minutes
Servings 1 serving


  • 10 tbsp granola, homemade
  • 4 tbsp Greek Yogurt, or more
  • 4 tbsp frozen (fresh) wild berries


  • Pour some homemade granola (see our healthy granola recipe here) in bowl of choice. Add Greek Yogurt and Berries and stir well.
  • Let sit or eat right away. Remember to always share with Goldilocks from Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

Recipe Notes

MODIFICATIONS: This recipe is highly modifiable and flexible - just follow your taste preferences and add more/less from each ingredient.  
SERVING: We enjoy our granola bowls with plain yogurt, but if you I’d like to add more taste – just use (organic) flavored yogurt. Ingredient quantities are only a suggestion. You can always make your own Goldilocks granola bowl a bit different.

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